Saturday, May 10, 2008

Raining like kittens & cats!

The weather is not cooperating much with our outdoor plans & projects. The cats, on the other hand, don't seem to mind a bit as long as there is a comfy place to hang out.
Here's Mercia multitasking, grooming between naps, or maybe it's the other way around...
And Magnus, casual as ever in the face of paparazzi.
And finally, Master Crichton himself, giving his new cat tree a test run. Only the finest Whatcom County orchardgrass hay for this feline connaisseur!

If the weather ever catches up with the calendar, we'll continue setting fence posts on the last unfenced corner, finishing the garden prep, and getting ready for Nash's arrival on Monday. Doug did fine with the vet Friday. He's no longer a bull, and everyone is up to date on vaccinations. Stella has learned the exciting trick of holding back her milk for Doug, so we've been working with her to unlearn it, or at least loosen up a bit. It is fairly common for a first calf heifer to be really focused on the calf, and not interested in sharing with people.

News flash!
In the middle of a rain storm, at bedtime, Magnus has figured out the cat door. These kittens have previously shown no interest in going outside, even though they're nearly a year old! Now they'll probably be up all night running in & out, practicing their new skill.


Anonymous said...

Finally! a tiny measure of the Crichton-porn we all long for.

Anonymous said...

Is that classified as 'Kitty porn"...sorry, could not help myself~