Thursday, May 01, 2008

Stella's new beau...

This top picture is RdoubleD Nash Rambler who we are renting this year to be Stella's baby daddy. If you click on his name you'll find his pedigree at the American Dexter Cattle Association (ADCA) site. He's a large handsome fellow as you can see!

And this wee fellow is Ryder, a Dexter Bull calf we are pondering the purchase of. He was born the same month as our Doug.

As you can see from the side he's also very pretty, and well built with some nice red highlights in his color. General consensus is that we are going for it, but we'll update everyone when the contract is signed and the decision final.


Robbyn said...

Beautiful :) I love to see Dexters!

Oldnovice said...

What's wrong with Doug? I guess I don't get why you're considering neutering him. Stella and Bob were purebred parents, right? Maybe you wouldn't want Doug to mate with Stella, but if you're willing to spend $$ on a bull calf born in the same month as Doug, wouldn't someone else be willing to spend $$ on Doug for mating purposes?

Seven Trees said...

Ah, the wonderful world of purebred critters. One lesson I've learned is that unless you're heavily into the show scene, or raising critters on a large scale, you'll never make money from selling them to other people.

There was some interest in Doug on the East Coast, where milking bloodlines don't seem to be very common, but the cost of hauling is prohibitive.

Also, once we realized how much it would cost us to buy an eqivalent amount of meat, it was a no-brainer to put him in the freezer. We also would have had the hassle of keeping him as a bull until weaning age, while still milking and having Nash out to breed Stella. Too much trouble. And we really like the idea of raising our own beef, to complete the cycle and get the most from what Dexters were bred for.

Once we talked all those factors out, we pulled the ads for Doug, and he was steered yesterday.