Friday, April 25, 2008

A bull in the hand....

Looks like Ramblin Bob is booked right about the time we want Stella to be bred. Instead of having to deal with a calf that is too early or too late for our needs, we decided to see how

RdoubleD Nash Rambler will do. We pondered buying him last year, but didn't, and we're talking with his owner now about price etc. Nash is a year younger than Stella, and has the same dad as Bob. He's a real cutie, and having our own bull will save the worry of making sure we have a guy with a good bloodline booked each year.

Speaking of guys, Doug is just old enough to notice Stella is in heat, and too small to do anything about it. Time to get the vet out here to take care of that business! Stella is still giving a good amount of milk for the short time apart from Doug. Sometimes a bit over a gallon, sometimes a bit under. Once Doug is weaned, I'll be able to get more, with lots more butterfat. She's still very motivated to hold some back for Doug right now, which is fine, since we want him to grow up big & healthy.


Dutchgirl said...

Nash is a real sweetheart, you should get a nice baby from him. We were all at the Spring Fair together this year. I have a Dexter cow I got from Monica, plus a heifer bred to Bob, due in August. I'm milking too, and experimenting with cheese, etc. Your Stella looks very nice.

Seven Trees said...

Bob was a nice bull to have around last summer, and Doug is looking really nice. It will be fun to see if Nash's baby looks like Doug or totally different.

Stella is turning out to be a nice milk cow, but I have a lot to learn. I can't wait to see if she gets better with her next calf.

We'll be checking out all the Dexters at the Evergreen Fair this year, but it's hard to wait so long!