Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another animal interlude...

This is our Magnus in his favorite chair, favorite position. Never had a cat that prefers sitting like a person, but this one does. All we need to do at this juncture is photo-shop in a beer, bag of chips and TV remote. If you can think of a good caption for this image, please add it to our comments. When I found him like this I was as usual, speechless... with laughter!

Looks like a lovely spring day here for the cows, but weather has been running about 10 to 20 degrees cooler than normal this spring. We've been covering the garden starts on certain nights and still need a fire both AM and PM to warm the house. Low was 29 degrees last night.

And our new laying flock is almost grown up now. That's a Barred Rock in the front with a couple Cherry Eggers and a Buff Orpington on the left. The barred rock are curious and friendliest of the bunch, and come right up close and personal as you can see here. So far they are our favorites, but lets see how they lay! Maybe a few months or less and they'll start that as well. In the meantime they are happy and healthy living in the brooding coop.

And Magnus again. We have 3 other cats, but this is the one always finding the photo op moment it seems. We'd dug out the game Risk, set it down for 5 seconds and this is what happened. Do you want to "risk" a digit moving that little gray monster? Go ahead, make his day.


Robbyn said...

Great pics! The one of magnus on the sofa is hilarious! Where are his nachos and remote control?? lol

LGP said...

'yo, wench, where's my tuna!'