Saturday, April 05, 2008

Cow, cat and concrete...

Stella has a long way to go to match the size of her mom's horns, but she's getting there. She's a very protective mom, and also keeps an eye on any other critters in her territory. I have no doubts that she'd make short work of any stray dogs or coyotes or even a mountain lion that tried to make trouble.

Here's little Douglas, enjoying a pasture break. We haven't been working with him as much as we'd like with halter training, but he's pretty mellow about being moved around.

Is this really what you want in your guacamole? Magnus claimed this avocado box for his personal retreat, and later defended it from his sister, Mercia.
The cement truck was so huge and heavy, it had to be backed around the fir trees, doing quite a number on the soft ground, but what can you do?

The crew was very conscientious and took great pains to make sure the slab was finished up nicely.

Now we have to wait for the slab to cure before putting a sealant on it. Then, finally, we can drive on it and start putting up shelves.

Newt just couldn't help herself from inspecting the job site, as you can see by the tracks she left.


Today Stella gave her first gallon of milk. She was apart from Doug just over 4 hours. Not too shabby for her first lactation, and me being a newbie milkmaid. She still had a little milk held back for Doug too. I imagine if we took Doug off her and bottle fed him, we'd easily get 3 gallons a day. That would be a bit too much for us, so it's working out just right as is. The laying hens are getting some milk every morning, and they love it. We're making butter and yogurt, and tonight we started some sour cream. Tomorrow we'll try making a soft, herby cheese, and work our way up to feta and cheddar.

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