Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stay tuned - busy season is in full swing!

We haven't forgotten about all our faithful readers. We've just been at full tilt the past few days. Check back this weekend for tales of high adventure with the bubbling cauldron of nettle beer, and our early attempts at cheesemaking, plus the ever-popular critter pics!

In the meantime, we were exploring gustatorial delights from our various ancestries, one of which is Swedish. Let us share with you the experience that is Surströmming

"The day has come. Put the can on the table. Find an opener and a cloth. Put the opener in position and cover it with the cloth. Now push the opener through the tin plate and hear and smell the pressure in the can depress. First time you do this you will probably find the smell less inviting. But remember to take a deep breath and you will almost instantly not feel any inconveniancy from the smelling can. All of the people who is going to participate in the dinner must sit close to the can when opened and they should as soon as possible inhale the smell. if you are more than 20 feet away from the can you will not be able to inhale a concentration big enough. This is the trick - you must as quick as possible see to that you strike out your smelling sence. Now you are ready to start eating!"

The hilarity comes in when people attempt to eat this stuff on camera:

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