Monday, May 05, 2008

Thank you Stella!

I was rummaging around the fridge for pastitso-makings, and realized just how much Stella provides. Here's a literal snapshot of what's in our fridge/freezer right now, thanks to Stella...The row of jars on the far left, with the little one on top, is today's milking. There is a glass bowl of fresh feta, with the 3 quarts of whey behind it, that the chickens love. Rolls of frozen butter in the left foreground, what's left of the sour cream, and the start of this week's cream jar are front right. And jars & jars of milk We also have a little frozen colostrum, but I left that in the freezer.


Anonymous said...

This is pretty impressive!! I watched your Swedish video. That is pretty bad.

LGP said...

does milk stout have real milk in it?

stella stout?

Seven Trees said...

milk stout has lactase in it, which is milk sugar. The yeasts can't digest it, so it leaves a residual sweetness and body. If I knew how to make it from Stella's milk, I definitely would.