Monday, August 07, 2006

Baby Squirrels...

When I got in to work for my shift yesterday... we had a squirrel drama unfolding. A call had come in about a squirrels nest at least 60 feet up a tree, from which babies were jumping.

Those responding found mom-squirrel a good day dead or more, at the base of the tree. There were several of her off spring who'd jumped also dead from the fall near her. They must have been desperate from hunger. While rescuers were there trying to sort out what to do... a couple of the remaining babies still in the nest, shreaking for mom, also jumped. None of those survived the drop.

A sheet was duct taped to chairs and made into a trampoline, basically to catch any other babies who leapt. Three remaining babies landed safely on this before I arrived for my shift.

The last to bail from the nest ended up back at dispatch until wildlife rescue could come pick her up. So needless to say, we all took turns comforting the baby, and drizzling a little water in her mouth with a damp papertowel.

Here she is doing some exploring of her new friends. Have to confess that she was covered in fleas! So as she crawled along we killed any we could see.

Safe and warm. She liked being close to us. Especially officer friendly.

Eventually we got her to nap in her box for a bit.

Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation were the ones who responded, and who will rehabilitate all of the cute babies. We've been assured they'll get released when they are ready, in the same area they were born. Maybe we'll see them again as grown up squirrels.


MOM said...

Aren't you all the little lifesavers....

Anonymous said...

How cute. What a sad story, suicide squirrelings.

Can I take officer friendly home?