Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hide & peak

We finally decided on a dayhike to try - Skyline Divide If you click on that link, you'll see pictures of what we thought we'd see, since it was a nice mostly clear day morning when we left. But as you can see from our actual photos, sometimes the mountains just don't wanna play. We also thought it would be a fairly "easy" hike, only 2 miles to the ridge crest, with alpine rambles to charming little Chowder Peak. There were stunning meadows of wildflowers, humming with bees and bugs of all kinds. The black flies weren't too bad thanks to the dry weather, and it wasn't terribly crowded even though a Volksmarch was doing the same hike that morning.

We didn't factor in that there was a 1700 foot elevation gain in those first 2 miles. But we perservered and even made it to the top of the peak. We had a snack and waited a bit to see if the clouds would blow away, but they didn't. So back down on our by now achey shakey legs and off to the North Fork Beer Shrine we went. They brew in 126 gallon batches, and you can get a growler (1/2 gallon jug) for take out. Our choice for the night, their red ale, was fantastic!

Tomorrow is the big freezer day. We bring home an itty bitty chest freezer to help cope with the enormous amount of food our tiny patch of dirt is putting out. And one of our neighbor's keeps giving us produce as can we refuse. So this weekend is all about pickles and zukes and blackberries and chard and green beans...oh my! The peas are about done and our corn looks kinds funny. I think the dirt didn't have enough "stuff" in it. This fall it will be bulked up with homegrown cow poop, fava bean vines, luscious homemade compost, and what I like to call "$hit cake"- the layers and layers of packed straw, hay and goat poop that was compacted where the manger used to be. I've been slowly hauling it to the compost pile where it riles up all the other humus-producing goodies quite nicely.

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