Thursday, August 17, 2006

Crunch time!

The baby chickies will arrive tomorrow morning. So naturally there are millions of little details we need to take care of between now & then. We've been working non-stop on the new coop, and it looks great. Now it's time to put in the heat lamp and baby chick feeders etc.

We've also been critter wrangling, trying to get the new & old hens used to each other. We ended up segregating them in pens next to each other. But we're getting 3 eggs a day often now! The new herb bed up front has 16 feet of it dug and a few herbs planted. It's been so dry, each new plant means more hand watering. Ugh!!

So while we're running around like the proverbial headless chicken, here are some gratuitous critter shots...

Yoda says Mark the Evil Parrot is strong in the ways of the dark side.

Newt, being cute, as usual.

Mother & son, hanging out, chewing cud in the barn.

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