Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Here's what we did when I had a few days off.
Got the egg-nest attached, sided and the coop mostly done. Just needs the chickie ramp and another coat of finish. Baby chicks are resident and doing well.

And we went hiking. Winchester Mountain this time. Say hello to Mount Baker! The vista was stellar on what turned out to be a particularly clear day.

Goat Peak.

After a 2.5 mile hike to the Twin Lakes (shown in picture), then we started up the trailhead to Winchester peak. Here's a shot down on the lakes when we were finally getting close to the top. Did we really hike all that way??

A snack at the top, by the lookout. You can camp inside on a first come sort of basis. It had some amenities, and we sat inside in the shade for a few when we first reached the top. We also signed the guestbook, "Seventrees was here!"

Can't go any where with out a pan-handler showing up. Here she is sharing some healthy seed cake from the local coop.

Further mugging on top of Winchester by the lookout flagpole with Mount Baker in the distance. 360 degrees of awesome mountain views.

Here's the peak from back down below. It had been 1.9 miles to the top. Once down, it was still 2.5 miles back to the car on a scorching hot day, so over 8 miles round trip.

We're both still recuperating from this one... 2 days later!

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Jannette said...

The henhouse looks beautiful. I like the thief door on the site...is that were the eggs will roll out right into the "finder-keeper" hands? Looks really cool.