Saturday, August 12, 2006

Bronco Berry and the New Chicks on the block!

Berry thinks he's a bonafied bull-bronc somedays. Here he is pitching an imaginary rider, while a concerned mom looks on.

We don't have the heart to tell him goats can't be broncs in rodeos... and that he's been neutered. Poor, poor Berry.

After a hard day of being rowdy, even the toughest baby goat needs some love from mom.

These are the New Chicks on the block. Two Red Star hens just starting to lay at 4 months old that we got from a gal thinning her flock.

They are just recovering from the trauma of our attempt at having them live right with the old Rhode Island Red biddies who didn't give them a moments peace... Usurpers!

The solution was to give the new gals the coop area, so they had time to settle, and move the 3 old biddies out for a time. Honestly the biddies are sooo mean, it maybe for good.

The new gals are so much happier a check of the nest box shows that they promptly laid an egg.

Here the biddies are with a temporary shelter made out of a left over framed roof panel from some other application and a bit of straw for a laying area and bed. To them it's just a fun camp-out.

And tough as nails... here's one already making the perfect spot to lay an egg. We found they seem to prefer laying in these kinds of places, even over their nest boxes anyway.

The next step is to feed at the fence-line between all parties, so they have to see each other at mealtime, but no one can clean anyone elses clock! Or hog all the food...

Who knew adding a few new hens would create such a ruckus!

With in 10 days or so, the new 7-trees built chicken house will be complete and the real stars, our Speckled Sussex, will be shipped from Strombergs. Of course they probably won't lay anything until next spring. Until then it's up to the New Chicks and Old Biddies.

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