Wednesday, September 06, 2006

If you miss a Zucchini

You end up with a Namu like this one. Almost as big as the freezer lid!

When we see these prolific squashes at the grocery store we run screaming as there are so many monoliths like this at home. Shredded zucchini, fried, poached, baked, creamed... next year, one plant... only one!

Speaking of Namu, anyone wondering how our Stewart is doing? Well here he is at our daily dog romp this morning. We should have called him jaws... although he is not quite teething yet. The mouth is the best way to explore things puppy style, so he goes through the day, chomp - chomp - chomping!

Since humans are so adverse to being chomped, here's the next best thing... dog-buddy Fergus. Scenes like this occur all day, between games of chase and hide-n-seek, alternating who is chomping and who is defending against the chomp. The chomper/chompee game. Very entertaining.

Here's a momentary break, so Stewart struck a pose for the camera, and Fergus stepped out of frame. (No pictures, no pictures!)

Sure he looks cute, but he's all miscreant! Actually Stew can now pretty readily sit, and wait, appearing to understand hand and verbal signals. (When he chooses to that is.) We're working on down, which he did a couple times this AM quite nicely. Off, leave-it, drop, and no-kitties, are daily challenges, depending on the circumstance. He naps long and prolifically... between chomps that is.

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