Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday at Seven Trees

Another busy weekend...and a few pictures to entertain you while we run errands this morning...

Here's Stewie, doing a vulture (or contortionist) impression over his stub of a chewie. No treat sharing in this house!

Remember these tiny balls of fluff?!
They are just about old enough to sort roosters from hens, and meat birds from laying flock. I think we're going to keep 2 roosters (1 for back up) so we'll be checking the boys out for the best combination of personality and looks. We need a friendly, calm, quiet guy, yet with good protection instincts to avoid being eaten by varmints.

And another picture in our "where Newt is cute" series. She's inspecting the shed roof, now that it has a new access point via the wood storage eave.

Stay tuned for more breaking news as we prep in earnest for Stella the cow's imminent arrival (next Saturday!).

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