Monday, September 04, 2006

Still busy, still having fun

This weekend has been all about Stewart the puppy, and lots of canning, and getting behind on our master project list. Stewie is a canine escape artist, but mainly because he wants to be with his people so much. When he's not sleeping that is. He's also a wizard at sleep marathons, which is nice because it gives us a break from supervising. We had to build a better dog run on the quick, since he figured out how to climb out (it was built for Fergus originally). Then we had to retro fit it because he's still small enough to pop through the upper openings in the cattle panel.

So we didn't get the netting over the top of the baby chick run yet, but we did let them out today. Here's the first intrepid explorer heading down the ramp.

Hopefully they will figure out how to get back in before it's too dark to round them up. We'll need to get the netting over it soon, not only because they will be able to fly out someday, but to keep them safe from kitties and the ever present buzzards, ravens, hawks & eagles.

Now back to canning....our neighbor brought a crate of corn this weekend, and I tried canning it. A lot of work, but good experience. Now it's a little more applesauce and starting on tomatoes (going to be a doozy of a harvest by the looks of it). Anyone wanting to donate an Excalibur model 2900 dehydrator??

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