Saturday, September 16, 2006

More busy!

Sick kitty this week.
Crichton can't seem to stay away from trouble. This time around he got infected saliva glands, and ended up with an ugly abcess. He's finally getting a bit better after another trip to the vet this morning.

We also had a lovely visit from a passel of Seattle relatives. Hopefully we'll have some pics to post later. A great time digging potatoes and gathering eggs with nieces, and showing off Seven Trees a bit. And beautiful sunny day to check out the farmer's market in town. Lots of produce in season now, and local apples are hitting their peak.
Lassie & Berry are on the market. It's amazing how you can get an idealized mental picture of a critter before living with them, only to find out they really aren't a good fit after all. As much fun as it's been learning about goats, they are just not quite the right energy for us. A little too pushy, a little to greedy. With Stella coming soon, it will just be much easier to have the one grazing species to work with, and not escape artist goats too. We have an ad coming out for them, but if we don't get any takers, we'll keep them on for brush patrol and chicken harassing. But wow! are goats not a calm easy going farm critter!!

Another busy day tomorrow too. One of us working a 12 hour shift, and the other cannign pears and tomatoes and doing various & sundry farm chores. Fall is falling and we need to get winterized!

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