Saturday, September 09, 2006

Stew 'n Chickens?

We had rain today!! And overnight. Maybe that's our cue to finish up a few projects before the weather really turns.

In the meantime, we have cute baby Stewart, who just got signed up for puppy school.

And we have 6 week old chickens that know how to peep, eat, escape, but not usually how to get back in the coop at night. I'm sure the reason I popped a stitch on my arm was my late night chickie round up, which included multiple dives under the coop at top speed. Here they are cleaning up a pump-zini (mutant of pumpkin and zuke, another gardening lesson learned).

Latest canning exploits - applesauce from the neighbor's apples, tomatoes from our garden, and later today, some refrigerator pickles with the last of the cukes. We have a crate of pears (also from the neighbor) out back, waiting to ripen enough to can.

And we have a new neighbor, theorectially. I met the new owner's employee, who is doing yardwork among other mysterious-sounding construction stuff. But not the actual neighbor, yet. All we know is that they are hispanic, and have enough money to buy an 1100 sq ft house for $329K.

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