Monday, January 22, 2007

Animal Crackers

We did have that home raised roast chicken last night, but forgot to take any pics. (Doh!) It was tasty more like a wild style bird than store-bought. Good breast albeit small and super flavorful dark meat! We're especially looking forward to seeing what kind of soup it makes. It should be rich and golden, judging by how this bird looked.

Does Stella love her baby Berry? She sure seems to! Here she is bathing the smug little bugger. Berry is her chosen friend of the goats, and mom-Lassie frequently gets booted out of the barn.

Getting closer and striking a pose.

Stella wanted an even close up look at that camera-thingy!

Cats also attend to dental hygene as Newt demonstrates. She caught me about to floss, and had some help getting rid of a stubborn bit of gopher.

When done flossing it's best to make the floss "mine" by scenting it with some good face rubbing. Needless to say the human had to go and get new floss, after Newt was done butting in.

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