Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Quality control, Seven Trees style!

First the K-9 inspection crew. Ignore the clever Spam bribe someone "accidently" left on a shelf. That had nothing to do with Stewart and Fergus signing off on the job!

Notice the attention to detail and fine workma'amship...and the glass of wine below! My kind of coffee break.

And the final inspection. Fit for a queen! Well, maybe a few jars, cans & boxes anyway. Once the top shelf is put on, we can rent these bunks out and make our fortunes!

Actually, the shelves are nearly immovable, roomy, and already filling up. Sooner or later we'll add some nice looking cabinet doors to pretty it up, but for now it's just great to have more storage.


LGP said...

Oooh, is that a cordless drill I see on the shelf there? What kind? How many volts? Do you like it?

The critters are not just verifying the structural soundness, but looking for security flaws which they can exploit in their upcoming pantry heist. You'll notice the cats are not involved here--plausible deniability. They're the brains behind the operation.

You weren't kidding when you were talking about building shelves. Store-bought shelving systems have nothing on your carpentry! If that shelf depth is anything under 16 inches you've basically got the equivalent of floor-joists there.

After the Seattle subduction zone blows, when CNN interviews you asking how you survived The Big One, you'll be able to answer, "Oh, it was easy, we just went to the most structurally sound place in the house--we hid under the pantry shelves."

Seven Trees said...

I think those shelves would make a great EQ shelter! We built them with the idea of keeping our jarred food safe from rattling off. We'll be adding a safety rail and/or doors to keep everything in place.

The kitties haven't braved the pantry, post-shelving yet, but no doubt they will investigate when the sawdust settles. There is a container of home-grown catnip up there....

The power tools are a Craftsma'am set, 19.2 volts, in a handy dandy case with drill, saw, light & charger. They are awesome! I like knowing we can use them if we need to do emergency repairs in an outage. And the batteries can recharge plugged into the generator if need be. We also have a DeWalt cordless drill, 14 volt. It's older and doesn't like to hold a charge anymore, but it's nice when we're both working. And...we still have heavier corded tools, skillsaw, drill, jigsaw, that are nice for back up.