Friday, January 19, 2007

Seven Trees Project List

1. Garden
Buy Seed
Turn Sod
Fence Garden
Amend Soil/Prep seedbeds

2. Pasture
Complete Perimeter Fence
Move Old Coop
New Chicken Run

3. Plantings
County Plant Sale
Empress Trees
Prune/Spray Fruit Trees

4. Barn
Install Gutter
Build 2nd Half

5. House
Painting Prep
Carpets Cleaned
Under House Work
New Front Door Bids
Paint Bathroom

6. Misc.
Skirt Cedar Shed
Repair/Replace Porch Roof
AI Stella (Dexter Cow)
Clean up/Organize Shed
Root Veg Storage
Pantry Doors
Garden Watering System (Drip)
Breed Chickens


Jannette said...

What do you have to spray your fruit trees for?

I broke down this year and bought Lime-Sulphur fungicide - the curly leaf is killing the nectarine and peach tree - took most of the fruit last year.

kristen said...

Well, that should keep you busy until Tuesday, at least.

Anonymous said...

D is the fruit tree person, but I think it's the same thing. The trees are little babies (only planted them last spring) so they need TLC. The giant old apple needs some help too.

We really need to start advertising down home vacations - complete with farm chore opportunities like sod turning and barn mucking! Some the stuff has been on our list since we got here, but it's coming along. can't wait to get the other barn half built and paint the house.


LGP said...

No wonder you're so scarce today. :D

Love the 'dog's life' pictures too, they are so cute.

Fruit trees down here--the orange tree has held up okay since it is in a very protected location. I hope the cherries will be good this year, as they like to have a certain number of cold hours and this year they certainly got them!

I've never had any success controlling peach leaf curl, so if you have that problem--good luck!