Sunday, January 07, 2007

Countdown to Rooster-halla!

This Friday, the roosters (and hens that didn't make the laying flock) have an appointment with the knacker. We're going to drop them off at the slaughter house and pick them up Monday, nicely wrapped and ready for the freezer.

I'm sure the neighborhood will be greatly relieved to have them gone, as they start crowing around 3 am, rain or shine. The next batch we raise will be a few months from now, and we're going to butcher them ourselves. A wonderful woman who works at our favorite feed store has offered to come over and show us how it's done. Not that we're doing handsprings in anticipation, but I think for something relatively easy to handle like chickens, we should be butchering them ourselves. Plus we get more control over how they're treated at the end, and how they are processed.

We didn't expect such blustery weather today, but luckily for us, much of the chore list is indoor projects. Like continuing to stock and tidy the pantry and it's new shelves. On our message board, Green Branch , we played a little game called What's in your Pantry, where people listed an item in their pantry by aphabetical order. When it came to X, we were stumped for a bit, until I remembered the cardboard Xena stand-up we tucked behind a file cabinet for safe keeping. Yay for Seven Trees! Xena really is in our pantry, so that was our contribution for X.
Here she is, guarding the rapidly-filling shelves. We still have one top shelf to install, which will help immensely...

And we can't forget Gentleman Stew, modeling the finest in down vests, ready for the outdoors in style....

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