Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sun at last... and chores!!

Here's a view of Mount Baker and Twin Sisters this past weekend. They are in view just around the corner from home and it is sooooo nice to see them as well as a few days of sun.

Shake and bake anyone?? Here's a Red Star hen getting the "treatment". Actually not REALLY shake-n-bake, but a general bug powder as it has been a long wet winter! The goats and cow also were wormed as well... general livestock care day for all.

The cedar shed partly gutted, so we could assemble some well needed shelves and immediately fill them up of course! Also had a little fire to warm up out of tree fall from the windstorm as it was and still is chilly here, sun or no!

Update on Stewart:
Our poor Stewart, 6 month old Shepherd mix, has been limping progressively worse for almost a week on his right front leg. He will also lay on his right side, then groan as if hurting, and roll over then lay on is right side. He repeats this over and over. Also has been loath to put any weight on the leg lately as well as been less active.
We thought he'd hurt himself playing as he is can really be a lummox It's been almost a week now though, so we decided to take him in to the vet. Appointment was yesterday afternoon, and between waiting for x-rays, and a few emergencies that had to go ahead of us we were there 3 hours!
Good news is Stewart didn't break anything, bad news is he has panosteitis, essentially an inflammation in his right front leg bone. I guess young large breed dogs get this sometimes, and as far as reasons why... the jury is still out. About all we can do is keep him quieter, and dose him some anti-inflammatories the vet prescribed as well as some sedatives meant to slow him down a bit. Full recovery is almost assured, but it is hard as he's definitely hurting right now.
Hopefully the drugs put a dent in that for poor, poor Stew. He does seem a bit less sore today!


LGP said...

It looks so nice in the sunshine, I almost think I like the place.

( :P )

What views, when the weather cooperates!

Seven Trees said...

Too many folks have thought that very same thing over the years....and moved right in.

The big PNW secret is how lovely the summers can be. We'd rather everyone just assumed it's rainy & grey all the time. It keeps the population managable ;)

kristen said...

The summers actually used to be very unpredictable, and somewhat wet.. I remember waking up and looking out at the sky to try to guess how much it would rain. Remember, Joanna? It's changed a lot in the last twenty or thirty years. :/

Dani said...

I recall an entire summer in Seattle, early mid-80's here, where it was overcast almost every day. The sun almost never appeared or it was overcast!

Seven Trees said...

The old Seattle joke was always that summer started July 5th and ended Labor Day weekend. I remember many a summer weekend of pouring down rain.

My cousing even planned their outdoor wedding in mid-August to avoid getting rained on, and wouldn't you know it - rain!

I used to crack up at the transplants whining about it. And also at the natives whining when the heat got over 80....