Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's almost impossible to take a still photo that shows just how windy it is tonight, but here is one of the prayer flags out front, doing a wind dance. Prayer flags are a Tibetan tradition. Wishes for nice things like good health, world peace, and inner tranquility are printed on each flag. The different colors stand for air, earth, water, etc. You hang them where the wind blows over them, and the prayers are carried over the world on the wind. Eventually they fray away into nothing, and you hang a new set right along with the remnants of the old ones. With as much wind as we get here, we'll need new ones very soon.

Hopefully we'll be planting some fruit trees this weekend, but if we get the snow and/or cold temps predicted, maybe not. On the list are 2 apples and a cherry from Eventually we'll add 2 pears and a plum to our little home orchard. The apple varieties we picked should make a good cider blend as well as all the other good things apples do.

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