Monday, March 13, 2006

What a difference a day makes

Here's the new little flower bed up front by the mailbox, just outside the gates. We got a Nootka rose for it, and planted daffodils, irises, daylilies, some wildflower and california poppy seeds. One of our nice neighbors gave us some of the plants, and also a big rhubarb we planted near the veggie beds.

The other picture is looking towards the street, from the back corner of the veggie area. You can see 2 raised beds full of dirt, and the two we just framed up. The wood was free from a construction site down the road, and we'll replace it with cement blocks sooner or later. We started tomatoes, peppers & onions in the greenhouse, and peas in one of the beds. The seed potatoes should ship soon, and I guess from now til last frost we'll be dealing with garden stuff.

And still no eggs from the Pensioners. We cracked their pen open so they could venture into the home paddock. Who would have gussed that Chappelle was a chicken-herding goat! He loves herding them back into their pen. Lassie showed her hidden talents too. She can squeeze through an opening the size of a hen, and belly crawl under the coop til she gets to the few remnants of chicken scratch. She doesn't quite know how to get back out though. I think I have the hen hatch fixed so she can't infiltrate any more, but what a sneaky brat!

Last night we feasted on meatloaf, mashed taters and collard greens. Dessert was strawberry shortcake. It was so yummy, we had leftovers of everything tonight. I made split pea soup for the freezer too.

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