Saturday, March 25, 2006

Yet another hen party!

Here's the 4th egg since the one in the goat hut Tuesday. Dinner tonight is lovely yummy homegrown eggs, and sausage. The ladies took a well deserved spa day today, starting with a mineral dust bath, to get just the right amount of shine to their feathers. Pedicures are self-service (scratching for bugs), and it's all you can eat at the feed bar.

We got all the conservation sale plants in, plus the plum tree. There were double the shore pines we thought, so some got potted up to be planted in another area once the fence is done. Total so far: 10 rugosa roses, 20 shore pines, 5 red-twig dogwoods, and one Italian plum. After lunch, we hit the tater patch. Four 12ft rows, 20" wide, for the 4 varieties we have. Nooksack, a russet that was developed for this area. Ozette, a fingerling given to the Makah tribe by the Spanish in the 1700's, and still grown there. Desiree, a red variety, that is a top seller in Europe. And good old Yukon Gold, the same kind sold in stores since the 80's. It's a really early one, disease resistant and a good keeper.

That should take the rest of the day, right up to beer-thirty. Tomorrow's list includes transplanting chard, spinach and walking onions (thanks Sarrah!) into the garden beds. Then direct-sowing more spinach. I wanted to move the hens' nest boxes around, but I doubt I'll have enough time. More brewing and bottling is on the agenda, and a trip to town. And vacuuming out the poor overworked Outback. That car hauls everything from hay to lumber to manure, and still has remnants of all of them swirling around the wayback.

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