Sunday, March 05, 2006

Just when you think you got nothing done...

We drove down a couple of towns on Saturday to look at a dog we thought might be a good match for us. A boxer mix named Annabelle. Not the right dog, but it was a nice drive. We looked at the local shelters, but still no match. The little green monster in the picture is Mark, the evil parrot. His job on the farm is to shriek at everything and try to bite when you give him a treat. He also does a good job of tasting food and laughing at laugh tracks on TV.

Today we ran errands and started another burn pile. We actually raked out the goat paddock to get all the sticks and bits of leftovers out. It looks a lot tidier and hopefully it will help the clover seeds wake up & grow. Chappelle and Lassie have become good friends, and that's them cuddling up under the manger, chewing cud. Since we couldn't find the mower parts we needed, we raked up all the tree bits that have been raining down with every windstorm. Topped up the two garden beds we built, and filled trays of pots for starting seeds next week in the greenhouse. We also gave the nice neighbors one of our last bottles of apple mead. They gave us some irises, daylilies and daffodils that will go really nice in the flower bed we're putting in near the mail box.

We're kind of back around to thinking a mini Jersey cow would be worth the investment, so we're getting antsy to get going on the barn. Time to order our seed potatoes too, and get the rest of the garden beds built. I guess we'll never really be done, but that's the fun of having a tiny acre homestead for a hobby.

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Chris Cooper said...

Looks like never ending work! Any time for camping this summer?