Thursday, March 02, 2006

Not to be a braggot, but...

I knew I couldn't keep out of the homebrew for long!

Even though the braggot has only been in the bottle a mere 11 days, I had to sacrifice one precious bottle. The carbonation isn't complete, and I can still taste a fair amount of the priming sugar. But it's definitely got a punch to it, and the flavor will improve once the sugars are all fermented out. It's a bit like a really mild beer right now, not much honey taste or aroma, but I'm thinking that's because the priming sugar is overwheliming it still. Another week and it will be just right.

And we got a sale email from Northern Brewer. Hop rhizomes for pre-ordering. They have a decent selection at a decent price, so our landscaping will soon include a wide variety of brewing hops. What a treat to be able to include so many useful plants in the beautification of Seven Trees!

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