Friday, June 29, 2007

Another busy weekend ahead!

Hopefully we'll start roofing the new barn half today/tomorrow. Lots to do before it's finished, but progress will be in bigger steps now. We're also planning to try out the colors we picked for the house on the outbuildings, so that will be kind of neat to see.
More garden work; hilling the rest of the potatoes, tying up tomatoes, weeding, watering. There are a lot of tiny green tomatoes peeking out, mainly on the Beaverlodge and Principe. Both were starts from our greenhouse. The bush beans are flowering, and we've found the first full-grown beet (another new variety for us - Early Wonder Tall Top) poking out of hte ground. The Inchelium Red garlic planted last November is nearly ready for harvest too.
Stella never did go into another heat cycle, so we're really really hopeful that's she's pregnant. She's sure cranky enough these days!

Stay tuned for pictures later/tomorrow!

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