Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Library learning & livestock lecture

So this week, as part of Learning 2.0 in the library, we're exploring photosharing via Flickr. As part of the exercise, participants are sharing a picture of the libary, and tagging them so other library bloggers can see. Here's my contribution - my little cubby in the sky (well, 3rd floor actually). I tend to use Photobucket for any pictures I want available on the net. Mainly because it's a free stripped-down service. But in my explorations of Flickr, I see there are a lot of fun options to try out, and I may change over to it eventually.

And here I am, lecturing the dogs on the perils of chicken-hassling (they're actually very good about not bothering them). My not-terribly-willing volunteer, Neil the Ameraucana hen, was nabbed cavorting throughout the haymow. Definitely off-limits to chickens, as the cows really don't appreciate poop on their hay. We also try not to do much gratuitous chicken-chasing (well, actually I think it's fun, but the hens don't) but it's a good idea to periodically give them a once-over for health issues. Everyone seems ultra-healthy so far, I'm thinking due to being able to free range for bugs and greens, and dust bathe at will.

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