Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kale yeah!

It's manic season at Seven Trees, at least for the humans. Check out this basket of kale! I had planned to harvest some of all the greens, but only got to the kale before the basket was heaped up over the handle. We gave it a rough chop, then blanched and froze it in baggies. We got 12 cooked cups from that basket-full. Great for adding to soups! In fact, on this week's menu is bean, ham hock & kale soup.
The weather has been chilly enough for "winter" foods, which isn't too nice for the garden. The cukes aren't growing very much, which doesn't bode well for homegrown pickles. Oh well...
I gave the potatoes a 2nd hilling today and saw a tiny baby red one. I tucked it back into the dirt to get bigger. I also spotted the first baby tomato on a Beaverlodge variety from Territorial Seeds. This kind is a trial this year. It's new, and supposed to mature in 55 days. We'll see, and we'll also see how it tastes too.
Stella still hasn't shown any signs of heat. Bob started checking her more often the past couple days, but that's about it. He's only here yil July 15th, so plenty of time for her to get another heat in if she's not already pregnant. Both of them are like crack addicts when it comes to their grain treat. They don't get much, but they sure get pushy abou it if we let them.
Between the garden, critters, jobs, and for two weeks, house-sitting for a neighbor, we're running at top speed. I doubt we'll be albe to slow down much til fall. But it's all great fun!

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