Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Of Highland Festivals and breeding Cattle

We went to the 2007 Scottish Highland Games at Pioneer Park in Ferndale, WA this past weekend. It was a stunning, sunny day for an outdoor event. We watched quite a few pipers and other musicians, shopped the vendors booths, ate Haggis and Scottish Meat Pie, and drank beer in the beer garden with the NW McGregor clan. (Much fun was had by all!) We can't wait for next year. Truly we can't, so we'll be hitting the Scottish Highland games in Skagit County come July! A fine commemorative mug from our outing below.

This stunning little fella named "Melbourne" below was our charge for a few days last week. Another rare Banty breed, belonging to some acquaintenances in Bellingham who are having neighbor troubles now that Melbourne is growing up, and wanting to do rooster things like crow. Unfortunately, he was not very happy to be in our hen yard... we suspect because of Toshi the other banty rooster who came from the same place being top chicken. At any rate, Mel escaped the yard repeatedly and took up crowing from different locations on the property. Since one of the spots he liked to do this was the garden and also the dog's yard(Yikes!), little Mel had to go back home.
While he was here, Mel also escaped the chicken house, and the brooder coop as well its fully enclosed run. A better name for him might have been Houdini. The bars you see in the photo cannot hold him.
Here's Stella and her Bob. Have they, or haven't they?
While we have seen signs of interest, your guess is as good as ours.
Does she look deflowered?

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