Saturday, June 30, 2007

Something to crow about & cat, napping.

Looks like we'll be getting a young rooster of this breed, a Delaware. Our UPS guy's daughter has some spare roosters, so in the next week or so, Toshi will get some much-needed assistance in proper hen service. They are a nice big friendly breed, and we're hoping to cross him with a Red Star hen to carry on those great egg-laying skills. Also, looks like some of the "babies" are laying in the haymow. We're not sure just who it is yet, but the eggs are lovely. Broody Giuliani has graciously volunteered to sit on them until we manage to gather them each morning.

Here's short clip of Crichton, the sleeping-wonder-cat. He sleeps in the greenhouse, on the bed, in the garden, under the porch, on the cat tree....He must seriously sleep 23.5 hours a day, with short breaks to refuel and hassle Newt.

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