Sunday, July 01, 2007

Another lovely Sunday

Check out these 2 garden inspectors! Newt is the black kitty between the chard on the left and beets on the right. Crichton is facing the lettuce/onion row. The usually hang out in the cat jungle that we silly pink monkeys persist in calling the potato patch.

Here are the barnyard inspectors, checking the stability of the siding girts of the barn addition. These kids are going on 4 months old, and should start laying any time. Unfortunately they like to lay in places they shouldn't, as the next picture illustrates.

Can you spot the 2 eggs in this picture? (Hint: click on the picture for a larger version.) One is from a Sussex hen, and we think a Black Star (i.e. Peeps or Poops) is laying too. We're planning to put up some netting to keep them out, so we don't lose egg production to hay mow accidents.

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