Sunday, July 29, 2007

Market Day in Bellingham

Here's a short clip of some performers at the farmer's market. It was "kid's day", so many of the musicians and vendors were young people.

And the proprietor of one of our favorite farms, Evergreen Station. He always has the most interesting kinds of greens for sale, including nettles, soup celery, dandelions, and much more depending on the season.
Another shot of Evergreen Station, under the new market building.
Birchwood Gardens always has beautiful herbs and other plants, plus soaps and other body care products. I bought a hollyhock yesterday, to add some old-fashioned garden feel to our front herb bed.
These folks always have a great selection of fruits, veggies and flowers. This booth always draws a crowd.
And on our way back to the car, we saw this Little Pony, just abandoned on the curb with its mane blowing in the wind....I'm sure someone gave it a new home.

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