Friday, July 13, 2007

News flash! Tater madness has begun!!

It wasn't that long ago I was hilling the Reddale spuds and found one the size of a peanut. Last night revealed an amazing discovery - the spuds are ready for harvest! The Buttes are still too small (since I want them to grow up to be giant bakers) but I dug a couple just to try.

In other news, as part of the Learning2.0 thang at work, I am learning about tags. I'm sure faithful readers (and fellow bloggers) have noticed there is a space to add labels relating to each post's topics. There are a few major sites that now track blog content, one of them being Technorati. Technorati automatically indexes tags on Blogger (call 'labels'), Flickr, YouTube, and many other popular sites. Check it out, there are some neat features if you want a new way to look for fun internet stuff.
Stay tuned for more updates this weekend. We have watermelons the size of peas, complete with tiny stripes! Potimarron squash like yellow golf balls! Siberian and Beaverlodge tomatoes.....well, you get the idea.

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