Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The thrill is gone...

Rambling Bob has rambled on. For all intents and purposes Stella is a single mom. We're heading south this Saturday to where Bob lives to meet & greet other Dexter breeders and learn more about the breed. Stella was upset for a while, but we opened paddock 2 for grazing and she soon forgot about her temporary boyfriend. Let's hope for an easy calving and a heifer calf come March!

On a more mechanical note, Pearl's driver side window wouldn't go up last night. I was ready to drop her off at the shop, but figured it wouldn't hurt to take a look. I managed to pull the door panel off and disconnect the wiring. After prying the back off the window switch box, I saw there was all kinds of crud on the contacts, so we cleaned that up and moved a worn toggle thingy. A little monkeying around and it was all put back together. And whaddayaknow, it worked! Just in time for a rainy night.

In upcoming news, Seven Trees is still planning a gather day on August 25th, 4pm til the cow comes home. BBQ/potluck/barter, bring food to share, surplus to gift or trade. We'll have some locally-sourced burgers and Hempler's dogs, tasty garden products like potato salad and greens and a cream ale brewed just for the Gather, plus other homebrewed tastings. There will be a firepit after dark for roasting and toasting and musicians are welcome to add to the fun. You'll have to RSVP, because this 'do is invite only. We have limited tent space for crashing too.

We plan to have gathers on a regular basis, to celebrate our agricultural heritage and mark the turning of the seasons. Join us in the fun!

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