Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Heat wave hiatus!

It's been well into the 90's here the past couple of days. Too hot to do much of anything but complain about the heat and water the plants. Naturally it will be cooler & cloudier on the weekend if the forecast is right. It's really too hot to harvest any veggies, as they will need to be processed right away, and there is no way I'm adding any heat to the house today.
Here's our new baby rooster, Del the Delaware. We tried to name him something witty and clever, but Del just seemed appropriate. He's still young enough to peep instead of cluck, and likes being cuddled. He seems like a calm healthy guy and is settling into flock life just fine.

And Stewart, standing in for the actual attack cow. We saw the sign in a Seattle shop and had to have it.

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LGP said...

I love the attack cow sign.