Sunday, July 09, 2006

Coop de Villa

Here's the start of our new hen house. We're pretty much designing it on the fly, but it's coming together nicely. It will be roofed and sided to match the barn, and sooner or later painted to match the house's new paint job (but that's a whole nother project!)

The garden is growing like crazy! We're able to see some changes to make next year, which is helpful. But this year we have rowdy tomatoes, overbearing peas, and we won't mention what the beans and squash are up to....

We'll return to our regularly scheduled Berry pictures later today. Mom & he are getting a chance to wander the home paddock and enjoy some elbow room. Chappelle is on a tie out because he seems to think the tiny little boy goat is challenging his manhood (he's neutered BTW, he doesn't have any manhood). Over all though, everyone is getting along fine and it's fun to watch them interact.

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lulu said...

I have a friend up that way too who raises pygora's. She is Port townsend also her name is stacey souza I will be moving up there next year. I have fifty pygora and we can't wait to get up there. Thanks for staying with the pygora board it was a busy week and I think people were just not around.
Thanks Lou
Water Lu's Pygora's