Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Poor Berry

The little prince went to the vet today for his first shots and to be disbudded. It's really really awful, but needs to be done since horned goats get into trouble and don't find good homes. I won't go into detail about the process, but lets just say it involves light sedation, novocaine and cauterizing Berry's horn buds. He looks terrible but is already feeling better and begging for cuddles. We'll skip pictures of his poor little forehead til it heals more. Here's one from yesterday, even though he may have grown since then. He's so grown up now that he can scratch his head with a back leg, while standing on a wooden ramp! Such talent...

Tomorrow morning we head to Island Dexters on Orcas Island to look at a little heifer calf that will be weaned in August. It will be some time before we can have her bred so she'll be our milk cow, but that lets us get to know her & vice versa. It should be a fun ferry ride, and we'll get a little tour of the breeder's herds too. We sure hope this is the cow for us, even though we haven't sorted out finding a trailer to rent to bring her home.

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