Friday, July 28, 2006

Where Newt's cute.

Someone actually dumped our cat Newt, where we lived in Eastern Washington back in 2003. She was maybe 6 months old when she turned up, all bones and hunger. Whoever did that to her is a complete cretin, but they also missed out on the cat of a lifetime. Newt is a small kitty, but packs the personality of a half dozen cats at least.

She's got the notion that her tail is some crazed mutant creature that follows her everywhere. Some days she's had quite enough of it, aiming to catch and dispatch said creature. Newt will sit absolutely still, watching her tail twitch out of the corner of her eye, then do some half-roll-leap for her tail that'd make a stunt person envious. When she doesn't get the "creature" she sits, and again stares back at that twitchingly elusive snake. Then leaps again, with a ferocious half-roll the other way, always winding back up in her zen pose, ready for another try. Newt will do this repeatedly, over and over. If you hear some sort of ruckus -- fumblings and bumpings -- out of sight in the house, most likely you'll look, and there she is in mid-attack... on herself. After which she'll look at you as if to say, "What? Is there a problem pink-monkey???"

One of Newt's other favorite pass times is to pose someplace... someplace she's never posed before, and to sit there until we notice her. We call it a "Newt, being cute" moment. One might find her on top of Luna's dog house, on a pile of building materials, perched under a new lawn chair, ensconced in the wheel-barrow... you get the drift. Trouble is that she HATES being photographed. If you get the camera to take a picture you have to be quick to snap the spot-of-the-day... otherwise she politely, but quickly leaves the area after a curt "Meow!" Sort of like, "I thought we agreed, I'm cute, but no pictures!"

At any rate, now and again we get a lucky snap, before she notices.

Here's one of her trying out the corn patch as a place of cuteness.

We thought a random, where-Newt's-cute, post now and again was essential, since her imagination on spots to occupy seems to know no bounds!

Anyway Newt is a delight. I recommend you rescue a kitty today as they fair far worse than dogs when abandoned, many being euthanized rather than adopted.

Of course this is only if you are ready/willing to give them a good home and the love they deserve. Cats may be independent, but they need you every bit as much as a dog or any other pet does. Here's some General Cat Care info (PDF file) at the ASPCA. Additional info on cat care can be found at Healthy Cats For Life.

And last but not least, always Spay and Neuter!!! There are far too many unwanted and abused cats... no need to make more!

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