Monday, July 03, 2006

Ok...I just can't help myself...

One last goat picture for the night.

B.B. (before Berry) the 3 red hens used to hang out in the kid pen behind the barn. They made some really nice dust bowls for their spa days. I went out to play with the little guy after work, and found him curled up in a dust bowl, snoozin. He was so pooped, his little pink tongue was poking out. He woke up enough later to frolic on the stump and put on a great show for me and two of the walking ladies who happened by.

I guess sooner or later we'll have to post pictures of brewing or garden goodies or ABB (anything but Berry). But for now, it's all about fluffy, cuddly, cute-as-a-six-pack-of-kittens Prince Berry.

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Oldnovice said...

I know you feel like you're overdoing the Berry pictures, but (just speaking for myself) I click here lately HOPING to see new Berry pictures.

There's a reason my first-born has THREE photo albums while her younger sibs have two or one. :-)