Friday, July 07, 2006

Having a cow!

We went to Orcas Island yesterday and put money down on a cute little heifer calf. She won't be weaned until next month sometime, so we have a chance to add a hotwire to the fence, get a bigger water trough and some other cow-type details. We brought the camera, but completely spaced on taking pics of our new baby. She lives with her mom & dad, an aunt and a couple other cows in a huge meadow right now. She'll be fenced off from mom next month, along with the other two babies, to get them weaned, then we go pick her up. Her dad is a huge bull but his horns have been removed. Really friendly and came right up to us for scritchies. Her mom was a bit more cautious, but still sniffed our hands and hung around. Her auntie was really nice and kept trying to lick the skin off my arm. We'll need to think up a good cow name for her. Right now she's being called Star Baby by the breeder (her dad's farm name is Celestial, so all their cows have "heavenly" names).

Little Berry is recovering nicely from his day at the vet, and still practicing aerial manoeuvers.

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