Sunday, July 30, 2006

Summer fun!

So here's mom and son, enjoying Lassies breakfast grain ration. Baby Berry and Chapelle actually slipped out through a loose point in the fence, but fortunately stayed close because mom Lassie did not. Our neighborhood walking ladies alerted us to the situation, and the two naughty boys were quickly rounded up.

Today's garden harvest was pretty good. Tomatoes are such monsters we had to add more support again for like the 4th time. Garden is a riot!

No day can be complete without a ride around the pasture on your goat!

Chicken house is getting there. Roof is on, and actually now has all siding except the back done. J is calking and painting the inside. Soon we can order Speckled Sussex hens and the pensioners get to "retire".

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Mom said...

Your harvest looks pretty impressive....Can't believe you get all that produce from your beds...