Friday, July 14, 2006

Fitting right in

Berry seems to be dealing with Chappelle just fine. It's funny to see a full-grown goat act threatened by little tiny goat boy, but it happens. Chappelle gets on the table and points his stubby horns at Berry. Berry doesn't seem to notice at all, just keeps on leaping around like a flop-eared kangaroo. We're letting mom & baby out during the day now. Berry falls asleep and Lassie ranges into the far end of the paddock. When he wakes up and doesn't see mom, he lets out a holler like someone stole his teddy bear! Sometimes it's the other way around. Berry will be deep asleep and Lassie won't be able to spot him. Then she starts the grunty alarm call until he wakes up or we go get him and show her where he is. Funny critters!

There's a big pow wow going on at the Nooksack community center down the road. I could do without the traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, but it's really different to hear the drums and singing all weekend. Makes it easy to imagine what it might have sounded like here a few generations ago.

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Anonymous said...

Are you going to get the breed standard folk to evaluate him before having him neutered?

It would be a shame if he turns out to be an outstanding goat of his type but has already been 'fixed' and can't be bred.

If he's just joe goat, then wether it is.