Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hump Day!

Here chick-chick-chickies!!

Can't wait for this pen to be gone! The coop and run for meat birds is supposed to be on the far side of the barn, but other projects and the weather caught up to us. When these guys are in the freezer, and when weather permits, we'll get help moving the coop & then rebuild a pen for next summer. Then we can let a hen set on some eggs the old-fashioned way, and raise a batch of babies. They'll be able to free range in one of the paddocks which is good for them and good for the feed bill and good for the pasture.

Speaking of hens, here are the 2 Red Stars, checking out the catnip patch under the bamboo. Those gals are still laying an egg each, every day! I wonder what their babies would be like if we let one "date" a sussex rooster....

Stormy weather coming today, according to the forecast. We did a batten-down walk last night, so hopefully Seven Trees will weather the weather while we're at work.

Just about ready for Stella now. Load goodies in the car, pick up the trailer Friday and hit the raod waaaaay too early Saturday. But we should have her in the barnyard by mid-day Saturday, with plenty of pics to share.

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