Sunday, November 26, 2006

Nor'easter not-so-lite - random pix.

Current snow level on the front step. Snow is still falling steadily, with some nice blizzardy gusts of wind.

From the barnyard, looking west, still daylight.

Here's a dog water bowl right off the back porch at 2:30pm. The bowl is about 4 inches tall.

The same water bowl at 5:15pm.

Off the back porch, still daylight.

From the barnyard, when we went out to put everyone to bed.


Jannette said...

Is that Stella's first snow? How is she holding up?

Dani said...

It is hers, Stewarts and Berry's too! They are all doing well, but not too interested in vacating the barn. I just got completely ready for work, then drove to the corner and back home. The road has seen no action and is all snow and ice. It's in the single digits with wind chill, and my closer co-worker volunteered to come in. Although I feel a bit like I wimped out... I was able to go out and check over the critters. Pry the chickens feet off their perches! Actually they are all doing well, and temps in the coops are high enough that the water isn't freezing...