Monday, November 20, 2006

More Stella, and our new toy.

Here's our little power outage protector. Inspired by hurricane-force winds this week, we just bought a lovely little generator. This cutie will power most of what we need to survive a nor'easter or pineapple express.


Anonymous said...

Stella looks quite fabulous in her new hat.

As for your new toy, did you have to wait in line overnight at the Best Buy--or make that Lowe's-- to get one?


on someone else's computer (mine fried)

Seven Trees said...

Hope you get your computer on the mend, or a suitable replacement. What a yuck!

We have a local dealer for Honda generators that ordered in quite a few over the weekend. So we waited a bit, but were able to just pick it up all ready to go. We could have got one sooner, but there were other folks who didn't even have a borrowed one like we did.

Anonymous said...

That's kind of you, to wait.

Even though I have a handicapped parking pass, if I'm having a good day and blue spots are scarce, I park in the regular spaces to leave the easy ones for the folk in wheelchairs or having a bad day for their disability. Same idea.