Monday, November 06, 2006

Nooksack @ Nugent's Corner Bridge

Here's the USGS river monitoring hut, getting inundated by the Nooksack...

Looking east on Mt. Baker Hwy, towards Nugent's Corner. Just behind those trees to the right of the phone pole is the wildlife rescue place we took a fledgling hummingbird to when we first bought Seven Trees. It's also the parking area for public river access.

Some kids on the riverbank, looking upstream. Normally the water is a braided bunch of channels here, and lots of the typical round river rock cobbles. Not today though!

Looking downriver, right on the edge of the bank. Fergus the wonder corgi was ready to wade right in.

Here's D, with Fergus and Stewart, who is obviously bored by the whole flood experience, judging by the big puppy yawn.

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