Sunday, November 12, 2006

Progress report -

Poor Berry is either going to be traumatized for a long time, or have the benefit of some low-grade electro-shock therapy.

But we got the hotwire all installed and electrified. Both goats were very helpful during the entire process, pulling wire, adjusting insulators, and making sure the reflective-tape flags were tied securely.

They are also excellent fence testers. I imagine we'll hear the test results repeated tonight, at least until they figure out that flagged wire means "don't touch!".

So we're about ready for Stella's arrival this coming Saturday. What fun!

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Anonymous said...

I want a blow-by-blow of how the goaties react when they hit the wire. Do they make noise? Jump? Run around the pen?


Seven Trees said...

If we could link a sound file to the blog, we'd get turned in for animal-mockery. We laughed so hard when naughty pesty little Berry checked out the wire. Lassie did it first though. She was bumping the wire with her head, pulling on the flag tape and BLLLAAEHHHAAAHHH!! She ran a few steps off and waited while Berry took a turn. He tried a different section of fence and let out more of a BLEEAHH! They both ended up just standing there in the middle of the barnyard, looking around like Wha' happen?? They'll figure it out eventually. Berry did make like he wanted to nurse a couple of times....still a mama's boy, especially after trauma.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby.

So long as they're not scared to move from their "safe" spot I suppose it is okay.

I imagine Stella is familiar with electric fences and she'll teach them a thing or two by example.