Sunday, November 19, 2006

Stella this morning

Here's the little princess! She's still wondering where her friends went, and not ready to buddy up to the goats yet. She either doesn't want to go in the barn, or is waiting to make sure nothing scary will happen in there. I was going to put a lead on her and take in the stall again, but we're getting another wind/rain storm and she's too spooky to chase around the barnyard right now.

When the weather calms down, then we'll see...For now, she's taking apple slices out of my hand, letting me scratch her nose a bit, and hollering for her pals.


Anonymous said...

It hurts me to see animals separated from their own kind, maybe never to see another of their own species again, or not to have a same-species friend again.

One of the things that makes me sad for my cat now that I have only one (the other died a few years ago).

Are there any other cows in your neighborhood at all?


Seven Trees said...

Stella's breed was developed in the south of Ireland to be a smallholder's family cow, so hopefully she has a bit of genetic "memory" of being a single cow. But we're also smack in the middle of dairy & farm country. Our neighbor rents his acreage to a meatcow owner, so there's a good sized herd close by. They were hollering at Stella yesterday.

Another thing we have to keep in mind is that Stella will be our milk cow & needs to bond to us. As she settles in, she'll see us & the other critters as her herd, which will be very handy when it's time to start milking her. She already weighs quite a bit, so having her tame and people-oriented as she grows is imperative. And then she'll have her baby for company eventually....